Questionnaire - Public Relations Check-up

Please count how many statements apply to you. We will take a poll at the beginning of the webinar and ask for your answer. The results will help you evaluate how your church is doing.

1. We answer the phone using the name Seventh-day Adventist for church, office headquarters, and school.

2. We use official church letterhead with the new Adventist logo.

3. We have signage identifying our organization that uses the new Adventist logo and is easily spotted from a distance and placed in a well-lit area.

4. We have brochures about the Adventist Church available in our lobby.

5. We never use “SDA” and always use the full name Seventh-day Adventist Church or Adventist Church for short.

6. Our organization is listed in all hotel directories, telephone books, and community guides published by the city or newspaper.

7. We have a Web site that’s user-friendly and provides the local community with program information, directions, and contacts.

8. We know our community officials and they know us. They’ve even been invited to our church or school functions on occasion.

9. We support community events at least three times a year with sponsorships, attendance, or appropriate communication.

10. We have established and maintained contact with public media in our community. We often submit calendar information and story ideas.