Reach Your Friends Who Leave Church Resources
Reconnecting Ministries Quick Start Guide
ou’ve been approached by your church’s nominating committee and asked to lead an initiative to reconnect with missing members. You have a heart for that kind of ministry, but you are not completely confident you know where to start. Well, here’s where you begin. This Quick Start Guide includes a job description, visitation hints, what not to say and do, and more.
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The Rendezvous DVD
Cherie and Roberta are old friends, but haven’t seen one another in years. Roberta hears that Cherie, who left the church, is having the “time of her life.” The truth is, both of them are wrestling with God’s grace…one day their paths cross. How does Roberta respond? The Rendezvous is a 12-minute video to help raise awareness among church members about the often difficult decision many struggle over in coming back to church.


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