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Reach the U

What happens on the university campus ultimately impacts all of society. That is why we must reach the university for Christ. Reach the U provides both the conceptual base and practical skills needed to grow a thriving outreach on today’s secular campus. Discover what would happen if a handful of students committed themselves to prayer, the study of God’s Word, holy living, and sacrificial service.

The Word on Campus
Book and DVD

This book was written to develop Adventist-based campus ministry chapters on public college and university campuses. Includes a DVD that you can show to students and people at your church to start an Adventist Christian Fellowship group in your area.

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Launching Public College Ministry
This workbook will assist student groups and help local churches develop ministries on public college campuses. Discover ten key principles for public college ministry, find assistance for your team, and pinpoint tips for planning and organizing programs and activities.
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Growing Your Faith on a Public Campus
This workbook is designed as a tool to help students develop a faith that survives and thrives in the midst of the skepticism of a secular campus. It introduces students to spiritual tools and disciplines that will help foster a vibrant faith in Jesus.

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Sharing Your Faith on a Public Campus
This workbook is designed to help initiate conversations with people who do not believe in Jesus and ignite imaginations to develop creative, culturally relevant methods to communicate Christ's love. Introduces a biblically-based philosophy that will guide the process of sharing Jesus with postmoderns.

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The College Chaplain

The College Chaplain is a practical guide to the everyday details of campus ministry. White has organized the book around the key roles and functions of a campus chaplain as pastor, priest, rabbi, prophet, steward, herald, missionary, and pilgrim. The book contains many useful tips and suggestions for new and experienced campus ministers as well as a helpful CD, "The Chaplain's Toolbox."


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