Creating Memorable Greetings Resources

First Impressions Matter
Eileen Gemmell, Kenneth Washington, and Renee Barnett training greeters and ushers to make those first impressions count! If you're the first person visitors meet when they come through the doors of the church on Sabbath morning, this is the workshop for you. This program is specifically aimed at training greeters and ushers for their most important role--welcoming people to God's house. The DVD includes a PDF file of handouts.

Quick Start Guide for Greeters Ministry

The ministry of being a greeter is one of the most significant roles in any church because greeters have a unique opportunity to help every person who comes through your church doors to see and hear and feel the love of Jesus Christ. When people enter your church for the first time they may wonder: Will they accept me here? Will I make friends? Will my family like it? Will I be able to find my way around? Will my spiritual and personal needs be met? This book will help you get started.

How to Say Hello Without Saying Goodbye

Set up a receptionist and hospitality system in your church. Learn the "Zone System," how to best utilize greeters and receptionists, how to develop a Welcome Pack, and what actions to take to help ensure a second visit.

Extending a Warm and Caring Welcome

How visitor-friendly is your church? What does it take to provide great guest relations? What are some effective ways to conduct visitor follow-up? This spiral-bound guide book is excellent for greeter training.

NAD Greeter Resource Center

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