You Know Your Spiritual Gifts, Now What? Resources
Connections Leader's Guide
Connections intended to help move members into meaningful places of service in the church. It is a resource intended to be a networking system that provides a strong process whereby members discover their gifts, passion, and personal style and then move into ministry. Many see a need for a new approach that is faithful to the unique beliefs and values of Adventism.

Quick Start Guide Complete Set

Quick Start Guides are a series of booklets designed to help local church leaders start or revitalize a ministry. Each Quick Start Guide contains a job description, instructions for getting started, tips for maintaining a successful ministry, troubleshooting suggestions, recommended resources, and more. Whether you're new to ministry or a seasoned volunteer, Quick Start Guides will inspire you with ideas you can immediately put to use in your church.

Responsibilities in the Local Church

Responsibilities in the Local Church is a collection of ministry descriptions outlining the responsibilities of local church officers. All the various offices and assignments in an Adventist congregation are included. These ministry descriptions can be photocopied as a two-page sheet - front and back. Use them as information sheets for recruiting volunteers and working with the nominating committee. Hand out a ministry description sheet with each new assignment.

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