Active Family Ministries = Church Growth Resources
Family Ministries Quick Start Guide
Families need special attention in the quick-paced world! Ellen White states that God "desires that the families below shall be a symbol of the great family above" (The Faith I Live By). Electing a family ministries leader is an important step for local churches. This Quick Start Guide breaks the job into easy to follow steps. Learn how to train volunteers, assess the needs of your church, and create a ministry action proposal. This guide acts as a job description, no experience necessary! This compact resource defines your ministry and lists the steps to get things moving. You'll find the information for supplemental resources and pre-prepared forms that are ready to copy and distribute.

Family Ministries Curriculum for Local Church Leaders
Healthy families make healthy churches! Seventh-day Adventist family ministries is in the business of helping develop stronger, healthier families and churches. How? By training family ministry coordinators to teach positive relational skills to family members. The family ministries curriculum, developed by North America Division Family Ministries, includes ten modules written by Adventist family ministry educators. Each 90-minute module can be used as a training event for local family ministry personnel.

Celebration of Love--2011 Family Ministries Planbook
It is time for God’s families to celebrate love! Jesus helped us see that love for God and our neighbors is at the heart of God’s commandments. Love in human relationships is so crucial, yet so often it is in scarce supply. This planbook will assist pastors and family ministries leaders as they guide families into nurturing, loving relationships. Includes sermons, mini seminars, children's stories, and more.

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